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Color Combo
  • Weight: grams
  • Fill Type: Purified Sand
  • Fill Level: Full
  • Panels: 2
Great Googly Moogly, what are these odd-looking things? Well folks, they’re called Handsacks. What do you do with a handsack? THAT my friends, is a fair question. There are a few variations to the game out there (as there are for playing footbag) but essentially every part of your body that is legal playing footbag is legal in playing handsack. The additional dimension to the game is the use of the back of your hands for hitting and stalling. (great for younger kids and those who don’t consider themselves to be footbag pros) We could fill a few pages full of rules and tricks you can pull, but really what’s the fun in hand-feeding you all of that information? Go Google it!