Here are the answers to some of our customer's most common questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.


Q- When will I receive my order?

The time it takes to receive your order depends on what day you place the order, where you live, and which shipping method you choose.

  • What day did you place the order?
    We ship orders Monday-Friday. If you order before 12PM on a weekday, your order will most likely be packaged that same day. If you order after 12PM on a weekday, your order may be packaged up the next day. We do not ship on weekends or Holidays.
  • Where do you live?
    We ship all orders from Elkhart, Indiana. The closer you live to Indiana, the quicker your order will arrive.
  • Which shipping method did you choose?
    Here are the estimated transit times for each shipping method we offer. Keep in mind that we do not ship on weekends, and if you place your order after 10AM, it will be packaged the next day.

Q- How do I know if my order went through?

Once your order is finished you should be directed to a webpage with your order confirmation and an order number. You will receive an email with the same information once the order is processed through our system and shipped. If you haven’t been directed to a webpage with the confirmation then you can assume the order wasn’t finished (bad internet connection can do this sometimes) or there was an error with some of your information. In this case it should direct you to the problem and have you fix it.

Q- Where is my order confirmation email?

You will receive your order confirmation email once the order is processed and shipped. If you didn’t receive an email then make sure to check your spam folder first. If you still haven’t received an email then feel free to contact us.

Q- Can you overnight an order?

Unfortunately we do not have the means in order to overnight an order at the time. The fastest we can ship an order is by Priority shipping (which can take 2-3 days in the continental US). If you know you need a footbag by a certain date, be sure to order it with plenty of time. :)

Q- Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do! We ship to the majority of countries across the globe. There are a couple select countries we will not ship to (for various reasons). If this is the case with your country, we’d suggest having it shipped to a friend elsewhere. Sorry!

Q- How do I track my order?

When your order is processed and shipped you will receive an email confirmation and tracking number. The tracking number is a direct link to your information on the USPS website. Sometimes it may take a full 24 hours or so to update your information. International orders do have tracking numbers, but they generally do not update once the order leaves the continental United States. We're sorry about the issues that this may cause and we understand your frustration.

Q- My order appears to be pending. What is the issue?

There are a couple reasons that your order is still pending. If you pay by check/money order then an order will be ‘pending’ until we receive the payment and ship it out. If you pay by PayPal, sometimes an order can be pending until that money transaction goes through. This can take a couple days depending on your bank. Sometimes PayPal transactions aren’t finished for whatever reason and this causes the order to ‘pend’ indefinitely. In this case you should shoot us an email and we will have to cancel the order and have you try again.

Q- I haven’t received my order after the designated arrival date:

Just relax and take a deep breath. Things happen and we will do our best to get it sorted out for you if you contact us. If it has been a few days past the arrival date then check in with your local post office first. Many factors can be taken into consideration:

  • USPS estimates can be off. They are not infallible
  • The local post office (for whatever reason) may be holding you order.
  • Weather delays: Winter months are especially hard on the postal workers. Sometimes storms can cause delays and your order may arrive a few days later than expected. Here in Indiana the winter months get bad and we can’t come into work for a few days at a time. We’re doing our best and know that we will get your order to you as soon as possible. J
  • Sometimes (this is rare) your package may get lost in transit. This is unfortunate but can happen. If it does, contact us and we will reship your order.

Q- Why don't you answer the phone when I call?

 Unfortunately our phone system is probably not the best way to get a hold of us. E-mail will get you an answer much faster because we have better access to that system. If we're having a busy day filling orders then it's possible no one is there to answer your call. If you call us at 10PM on a Friday night, we are probably watching the latest Star Trek movie. Our business hours vary, but if you really do need to call then your best bet is to get someone on the line after 1 PM and before 4:30 PM Eastern Time during the week. If you need to get a hold of us outside this time frame, leave a message or send us an email. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days. Also, while leaving a voicemail make sure to include your name and order number. :)

Q- What is my order number?

Sometimes it’s easy to get the tracking number and order number mixed up. In order to locate you order, we need an order number. Your order number is six digits long. For example: 144445. You can find this number once your order is placed (the webpage will direct you to it) or you can find it on your email confirmation. It is also located on your physical packing slip that comes with your order.

Q- What if I received the wrong items?

We do our very best to ensure that everyone receives the correct items and the right quantity. However, we are human and we do make mistakes sometimes. If you do happen to receive the wrong thing, go ahead and give us a call or shoot us an email. :) We will gladly help you out!

Q- What if my items are damaged when they arrive?

This is a sad, sad thing. :( Sometimes packages can be damaged during transit and this can hurt the footbags inside. Sometimes there are manufacturing problems that slip through our notice and we are very sorry if this happens. If there is an issue with your footbag, just let us know and we will do our very best to help you out. :)

Q- What do I do if my footbag/item has been damaged after use?

Most footbags do not last forever. They’re meant to be kicked around and do incur damage after much use. However, a footbag should not explode the first time you kick it (unless you happen to be drop-kicking your footbag across a football field. Shame on you).

  • Problems with busted seams can be attributed to manufacturing issues (especially if they break pretty fast).
  • If you have holes developing in your fabric panels, then this can be attributed to a few things. First, if you are rough on the footbags and play on concrete a lot, this can cause holes. It’s natural. Try not to toe-drag the footbags and play on less gravely surfaces.
  • ProSeries footbags are NOT as durable as synthetic suede bags. They are meant for Professionals who don’t let the footbag drop as often. If you order one and it develops holes very quickly, then maybe you should stick to the regular footbags for now.

If your footbag has incurred unnatural damage too quickly then shoot us an email. Also send us a couple pics of the busted area. We will do our best to help.

If your footbag has incurred damage after a few months of use, then we are sorry about that. However, this is pretty normal and it’s probably time for a new one. As long as your footbags are treated with respect you shouldn’t have many issues. :) If you really want one that will last a very long time, try out our awesome Retro line.


Q- I don’t know anything about footbags; What should I get?

We have a special Footbag Buyer’s Guide just for you! Check it out: http://www.footbagshop.com/guide

Q- Why is the footbag I want out of stock?
We only make small quantities of each footbag style that we sell. We aren't Wal-Mart, and we want you to have a unique footbag. Over the past 10 years, we have produced literally hundreds of unique designs that we will never make again. If you see a footbag that you really like and it's still in stock, buy it quick because it might be gone tomorrow, never to return again. People who bought the Gumball 32 Facile got their hands on one of our best footbags ever made, and we only made 25 of them.

Q- Can I clean my footbag?

You can if you really want, but it depends on the type of footbag. You really don’t want to run your footbag in the dishwasher or washing machine. However, you can use a warm damp cloth to clean up the footbag. If you are washing a footbag with metal filler inside, keep in mind that this may cause the metal to eventually rust. This doesn’t look pretty and it obviously kind of defeats the purpose of washing your footbag in the first place.

Q- How can I avoid damage to my footbags as much as possible?

The location you play can seriously affect the life of your footbag. If you frequently play outside on dirt and concrete, you want a tough Synthetic Suede footbag that can withstand the beatings you are going to give it. Keep in mind, these still need love and attention too. They aren’t invincible.

If you play inside on your mom's floor…ok fine, I'll rephrase that… if you play inside on "your" floors, you may want to consider a Dragonfly ProSeries facile footbag. Facile is a thinner fabric that breaks in great but needs more TLC (Tender Loving Care for all you internet-phobes). Keep in mind that facile costs quite a bit more then synthetic suede. Dragonfly is the only manufacturer who makes a full line of Facile Footbags that are ready to ship right now.

If you frequently kick in a circle…hmmm…if that sentence wasn't in a footbag article it would have a completely different meaning. Anyways, if circle-kickin' is your credo, don't let those other guys do toe pick-ups with your footbag. It's your footbag man! Speak up and let 'em know you won't take it anymore! No more toe pick-ups with my bag!

If you really need something that will take a beating, you may want to consider our line of Retro footbags. Those things can take a LOT and we have yet to bust one here at Dragonfly. :)

Q- What is the difference between regular footbags and Proseries footbags?

Our regular footbags are made with synthetic suede material while the Proseries bags are made with facile fabric. Facile fabric is much less durable than synthetic suede. This is because Proseries footbags are made for Professional footbaggers. They don’t allow the footbag to hit the ground as often and as a result, the durability is not an issue. If you aren’t confident in your skills to keep the footbag from getting beat up, then a Proseries bag is probably not the best for you. Other brands of Proseries bags we have in stock are Hanias, Mike Wilsons, and Abshires.

Q- What are chainmail footbags?

We are incredibly proud of our line of awesome chainmail footbags. They are all handmade here in Elkhart, Indiana by our own local workers. Chainmail footbags are nice and durable and can be lots of fun to kick around once you get the style down. They can be very bouncy and challenging for those of you who like a good challenge. Not to mention they look super cool. There is a great variety of styles and color combos to choose from. Don’t have the color combo you want? (We probably do). Just shoot us an email and we can see if we can make one specifically for you! The styles that you can choose from are the following:

  • Regular Chainmail footbag: Weights include 22 grams, 40 grams, and 50 grams. 22 grams have less pop than the 40 and 50 gram. The 22 has no metal ball bearing inside while the 40 and 50’s do. That’s what gives them their weights.
  • Glow in the Dark Chainmail Footbag: These are regular 22 gram chainmail footbags that are made with glowing rubber rings. These are also available as Large chainmail footbags. Keep them in the light for a while and they will glow nice and bright!
  • Afterglo Chainmail footbag: These are shaped to look like regular footbags. They have glow in the dark plastic balls inside that give them their shape and pop. Keep the footbag in the light for a little while and watch the magic happen with the lights out!
  • Large Chainmail footbags: These are larger versions of the regular chainmail footbags. They actually have more ability to stall and if you want to spend the extra few bucks, they are totally worth it. There are no metal ball bearings inside, so they are fairly lightweight.

Q- What is a Hand sack?

A hand sack is a footbag for your hands. Basically. You can look up the game if you want.  It’s a lot of fun for kids too! Our line of Hand sacks are called Flapjacks and we have multiple colors to choose from. They are two panels stitched into a flat looking footbag and are filled with sand.

Q- Do your footbags have bleedholes?

None of the Dragonfly brand footbags currently have bleedholes. However, some of the Proseries brands that we carry do have them. Hania footbags have bleedholes.


    Q- How much does shipping cost?

    $3 for USA orders, International orders are calculated during checkout.

    If you order over $25 worth of items and you live in the United States, First Class shipping automatically becomes free. Unfortunately this isn’t available for international orders. Sorry!

    Q- Which types of Payment methods can I use?

    We take a few various payment methods.

    • Card: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/etc
    • PayPal
    • Check by mail
    • Money Orders by mail

    Q- If I pay by check/money order, how long will it take to receive my order?

    This all depends on how quickly you send the payment. Once we receive the payment we will ship the order out. When that happens you will receive an email confirmation/tracking number. If you wait over a month to send payment, we will inquire through email. If we do not hear back from you at that point, then the order will be automatically cancelled.

    Q- I am interested in a Wholesale order. What do I do?

    Please contact us.

    Q- I am ordering a large quantity for a special event. Do you have discounts?

    This depends on the event and what/how much you wish to order. Just contact us through email with all the details and we will get back with you. We have various discounts for various situations.

    Q- Do you do custom footbag orders?

    Because of the way we fill our footbag orders, we only do custom footbags in groups of 100 or more. Please contact us about custom orders.